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Good Dog!

The Shrunks brand identity has been chosen as a featured case study in Michael Hodgson’s latest book, Recycling & Redesiging Logos (Rockport Publishing).

A little bit about the book:
Redesigns are part of every designer’s repertoire, but sometimes getting inspired or motivated to redesign an existing logo can be challenging and cumbersome. The goal of maintaining equity by using existing elements in new ways and combining them with new elements is akin to the task of “recycling” In other words – how do designers improve and recreate identities without throwing out the usable stuff that is makes up the existing brand? Recycling and Redesigning Logos demonstrates the strategies and processes of successful redesigns and shows readers how to build on the equity the brand already retains to create a fresh look. The case studies feature before and afters of the logos and discuss why the redesign was necessary and demonstrate how to reuse, reformat and build on the ingredients, materials and essence that is already there. CHECK OUT THE BOOK ON AMAZON.COM

Rockport Publishers
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