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On the Other Side of the Camera

On the Other Side of the Camera

What goes on while the camera isn’t rolling? Behind every slick video lies a bunch of raw footage clips that include kids goofing around in between takes. Adults too for that matter!

Here’s a glimpse of our latest video shoot, and what happens behind the scenes during the filming.


Behind the Scenes

Backstage with The Shrunks Creative Team

Backstage with The Shrunks Creative Team

From time to time, we get questions from our fans asking us how and where our products are made, and how we go about testing them. Hopefully, this article will shed some light on how we bring our ideas to life, from our drawing boards to store shelves all over the world. We take pride in our design, engineering and manufacturing process. All Shrunks products are designed in Vancouver Canada, and made with care in China.


At The Shrunks, we sketch a lot. You’ll find note books filled with drawings and sheets of paper on our desks with scribbles all over them.

We love visiting interesting stores around the globe, from Hong Kong to New York. We talk to parents to gain a true understanding of their needs. We put prototypes in front of kids and watch how they interact with them. We observe human behavior and discuss how we can make things better.

The basis of our design principle is simple - make it fun, safe and intuitive.


This phase of the creative process brings together the talented minds of designers, engineers and technologists.

Often stemming from a loose sketch in the studio, or the tray table in front of you on a Boeing 747, these rough ideas move quickly to the research stage of development to determine market demand, ease of fabrication, and uniqueness to market. If it meets the criteria, our designers proceed to develop electronic drawings so a working prototype can be made.

The prototype is then tested in real world situations, and modifications are made based on our observations.

Safety & Testing

The Shrunks’ technical team ensures the highest standards are met during the manufacturing process - quality control across packaging materials, color consistency, material consistency, product sizing discrepancies, packing methods, inventory supervision, shipping logistics... the list goes on.

All products undergo a vigorous testing process in our manufacturing facility. From weight and leak tests for our inflatable products, to material testing, ensuring our products not only comply, but exceed industry safety requirements. We are proud to say our products are safe from lead, phthalates and BpA.

And that folks, is a brief summary of how we bring fun and safety to cool bedtime products for kids, wherever they are in the world.


BTS Hongkong&NewYork Post01.jpg

From Hong Kong to New York, we’re surrounded by inspiration wherever we go.

BTS Sketches Post01.jpg

From paper to screen. Rarely the other way around.


If you dare, leave them alone and watch what happens.

Day in, day out, these machines never stop running!